Latino Family Educational Summit

Latino Family Educational Summit

April 19-23 / Abril 19-23


Sonoma State University in partnership with Lambda Theta Nu and Latino Service Providers presents Latino Family Educational Summit: A week-long virtual event filled with workshops for parents, middle school and high school students.

Sponsored by Redwood Credit Union

Event Highlights:

  • Learn how to prepare for college through presentations and workshops for middle school and high school students.

  • Workshops for parents to learn about how support their student to attend college and financial resources

  • Resource fair showcasing SSU departments, student support programs and Sonoma County community partners.

Ven y participa en nuestra conferencia virtual, Latino Family Educational Summit: Una conferencia virtual semanal compuesta de talleres para padres, estudiantes de la middle y high school. 

  • Los temas para los padres, tocaron como ayudar a su estudiante a ir a la universidad y recursos financieros.
  • Los temas para los estudiantes de middle y high school se enfocarán en la preparación para ir a la universidad, ayuda mental y como ser un líder durante la pandemia.


Monday/Lunes 4/19 | 6-8 pm (Parents/Padres)

Making College a Reality/Haciendo los Estudios Universitarios una Realidad

Learn about the different public higher education options in California and how to pay for them / Aprenda sobre los diferentes sistemas de educación superior pública en California y como pagar por ella.



Tuesday/Martes 4/20 | 4-6 pm (High School Students/Estudiantes)

Navigating Life After High School
4-Year College, Trade School, Junior College, Personal Experiences

How to be an Activist / Advocating During Covid

Mental Health within Latinx Community
Breaking the Stigma, Why Latinos Don’t Talk About Mental Health



Wednesday/ Miercoles 4/21 | 4-6 pm (Middle School Students/Estudiantes​)



Thursday/Jueves 4/22 | 6-7 pm

Resource Fair/Feria de Recursos

Please join us to learn more about SSU campus and community resources that provide community support for students and families. / Aprenda sobre diferentes recursos de ayuda en la comunidad.



Friday/Viernes 4/23 | 10 am-12 pm (Allies Track)

Training for Educators/Entrenamiento de Aliados por la Educación

White supremacy refers to a political-economic social system of domination. This system of domination is present in our society and it is associated with racism and racial trauma. Inspired by Resmaa Menakem's work on racialized trauma, this presentation will address how white body supremacy lives in our brains and bodies. Dr. Dominguez will explain how trauma can be passed down to different generations as well as offer strategies that may lead to racial healing.