Stay on Track Guide

Complete the Stay on Track - Detailed Instructions

Your To Do list is where you can find any outstanding items for your application, like missing transcripts. It's also where you can find the Stay on Track guide, which will take you, page by page, through all the steps and information you'll need before you start your semester at SSU. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the Stay on Track.

Finding the To Do List

1. In MySSU, head to the Home page. You can reach it by clicking the "Home" link in the upper right of most MySSU pages.

    An oval highlights the Home text link on the MySSU landing page.

2. Click the "To Do List" link, which you can see on the left in the screenshot above.

3. Click the "Stay on Track" link under "Tasks." Note that the exact title of your Stay on Track guide will include whether you're a fall or spring applicant.

Screenshot of a To Do list with a Stay on Track task item

4. Review the Introduction page. When you're done, click the "Mark As Read" button in the upper right, then click "Next."

    A number one marker points to the mark as read button and a number two points to the Next button

5. Review the Student Charges/Fees, Registration Due Dates, and Financial Aid Information page. When you're done, check the box, click "Save," and click "Next."

    Screenshot with numbered indicators for one accept, two save, and three next.

6. On the Accept Admission page, confirm that your application details are correct. If they are, click the "ACCEPT/DECLINE" link.

Declining Admission

If for some reason you have reconsidered and will not attend Sonoma State, click the "I Decline Admission" button at this point. This action is final, and you will no longer have the option to accept admission.

Accepting Admission

First, pay your Enrollment Requirement Deposit.  

  1. Click the Pay Deposit button, which will open a new window.
  2. In the new window, click the "Newly Admitted Students" button.
  3. Click the category button for your admission term.
  4. Select the "Enrollment Reservation Deposit" item.
  5. Review the terms in the side bar on the right. Click the "Yes, I agree" radio button at the bottom, then click "Add to payment."
  6. Enter your payment details and click "Continue."
  7. Check the box for your acknowledgement of acceptance and click "Continue."
  8. Enter the email address where you would like the receipt sent and click the "Pay" button in the lower right.

Watch a video demonstration of the process so you can follow along if you're having trouble.

Second, confirm your choice.

1. Return to the MySSU Stay on Track window and click "I Accept Admission."

    The I Accept Admission button highlighted in a green box.

2. On the page that loads, click "Confirm Acceptance."

    A circle around the confirm acceptance box. An arrow points to it and text in front of a star says The Big Moment.

Completing the Stay on Track

The next few pages of the Stay on Track will help get you set up for your first semester. Again, pay attention to the dates and deadlines to help you navigate the path to your admission semester with success!

Always use the "Mark as Read"/"Mark as Complete" buttons followed by the "Next" buttons to move to the next page in the sequence. If you need to go back to a previous page, click the page title in the left-hand navigation panel