Seawolves F1rst Program

Sonoma State Seawolves F1rst!

Sonoma State’s Seawolves F1rst Initiative provides incoming first-time first-year (FTFY) students support opportunities to smoothly transition from high school to college and successfully complete their English and math coursework requirements in their first year. *This initiative replaces the previous California State University’s Early Start Program.

Starting in May students will receive notification about their English and math placements and next steps in their academic journey at Sonoma State, including course selection and academic advising. 

Multiple methods are used to determine a student’s math and English courses during their first year at SSU. These methods include evaluating test results, high school GPA, high school math GPA, high school coursework, and any college coursework completed or self-reported.



Fall 2023 Pre-Enrollment

Students will be pre-enrolled, in fall and/or spring, into English and math courses as determined by multiple measures (described in detail below). Specific course enrollments in fall and spring semesters will be determined based on a student’s major requirements. Students may also be pre-enrolled in a first-year learning community (FLC) based on their major department's recommendation. Placement categories may change as SSU receives additional information about a student’s previous academic history. Students will learn more about FLCs and additional English/math coursework options based on self-placement when they meet with an academic advisor June 20 - July 21, 2023 to register for remaining fall coursework.


Students who are a part of the Summer Bridge Program through the DREAM Center, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), and/or the Seawolf Scholars Foster Youth Program will receive communication from the Summer Bridge Program team for next steps.

Seawolves F1rst Jump Start! Program

Want to get a "jump start" on your academic success at SSU? Apply to join other first-year students and come to campus early as part of our Seawolves F1rst! Jump Start program.  Learn the keys to academic success and participate in pre-term workshops. Learn more about this special program and sign up through the Jump Start! Google Form or email

More about Multiple Measures

Factors known as “multiple measures” are used to evaluate each student’s academic preparation in English and math.  To learn about the criteria the CSU utilizes to place students in their first-year GE English and Math courses visit:

*Important Update: As mentioned above, course placement is determined through high school GPA, math GPA, and high school and college coursework. That said, students can submit ACT and SAT scores to be used as one of the measures for placement in the appropriate mathematics or English (written communication) courses.


If you have questions about Seawolves F1rst or Placement, we are here to help!