Admissions Reconsideration

You are seeking Reconsideration if

  • You were denied admissions for not meeting admissions requirements.
  • You are a transfer student that was denied for lacking the requirements of an impacted major and you are requesting a reevaluation of your file under an alternate, non-impacted major.
  • You did not submit a required document (transcripts, test scores, deposit) by the due date so your application was canceled.
  • You were admitted and no longer meet admissions requirements after review of your official transcripts and/or other documents.
  • Verification of future enrollment is required to be uploaded if you are making up requirements, in the reconsideration request.

Steps for Reconsideration:

Step One: In preparation for completing the Reconsideration Form, please make sure that the following are submitted prior or with the reconsideration request. Requests lacking these items won't be able to be accommodated:

  • Relevant letters of support (ie. Counselor, Principal).
  • Verification of Enrollment (PDF of unofficial transcript or a copy of your class schedule).
  • Official Transcripts will be required. You will be prompted to indicate when you requested them, and if you requested them to be mailed or delivered electronically.  Returning students:  Sonoma State University transcripts do not need to be requested as we have access to these.
  • Disability Documentation (submitted to the SSU Disability Services for Students Office) should only be submitted if requesting a course substitution or if there are special circumstances related to your disability that should be taken into consideration.

Step Two: Complete the Reconsideration Form

Reconsideration Form

Step Three: Your request will be reviewed by the Admissions Review Committee.

Step Four: An email will be sent to your home email address that you have listed in your MySSU with the appropriate next steps. Please be sure to read your email thoroughly as there will be deadlines assigned.  Deadlines not met will result in the request being denied.