Track your Application status

Follow the steps outlined below to learn how to check your application status, check outstanding To Do items, and accept admission.

Logging Into MySSU

  1. Use the Online Services PIN Master to get your Seawolf Online Services username and set up a password. If you already have a login, go to Step 2.
    The Online Services Password Tool page
  2. Go to the Online Services Login page. You can always access this link from the "Login" link at the upper right of SSU web pages.
    Arrow pointing to the Login text link on a SSU website.
  3. Click the "MySSU" icon.
    MySSU login tile with pawprint icon

Checking Your Application Status

  1. Once you're logged in to MySSU, click the "Application Status" link from the Home page.
    The Application Status link and icon
  2. Review your status:
    • If you have been denied admission, the reasons will be listed under the "Outstanding Items for this Application" section.
    • If you have been offered admission, head to your To Do list to review any to-do items and complete your Stay on Track task.